Organic CBD Flower, CBD Pre-Rolls, Hemp Cigarettes, & CBD Vape Cartridges 

“Yes, hemp produces flowers!”


We use Organic Hemp Flower from our garden for our Jar of Flower and for our CBD Pre-Rolls. The CBD Pre-Rolls are rolled using quality hemp buds, and put into rice paper cones. Our Hemp Cigarettes also use premium hemp buds, packed into a cigarette paper, and that’s it! Our Hemp Cigarettes do NOT have any Nicotine or Tobacco. 

There is only one ingredient in our vape cartridges, and that is our Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil, that we have extracted ourselves. Every batch of extracted oil is third party tested, to ensure it is clean and free of contaminants. We do not believe in adding fillers or flavors to our vape pens, we believe that 100% pure organic CBD oil is the only thing that should be in your vape cartridge. 

Inhalation of CBD is the most bioavailable method of ingestion. Bioavailability is percentage and rate at which a substance enters your bloodstream. Smoking or vaping CBD is an excellent option when needing quick relief. The onset of action is almost immediate. These are also a great option for someone who is looking for a replacement for nicotine.  

Onset of Action & Duration of 3 Different Methods of Consumption of CBD

Delivery Method OnsetDuration
Sublingual10-30 minutes2-4 hours
Vaping5-15 minutes2-4 hours
Ingestion30-60 minutes6-8 hours

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