Our Story

Traverse City locals, and Dave Martin and Charles Orns are the founders and owners of Herbnmeds. Dave and Charles started out as Medical Marijuana Caregivers, growing high quality medication for their patients. Combined, they have over 20 years experience growing organic cannabis. They took their knowledge of organic farming and applied it to growing and cultivating Hemp. After creating Full Spectrum CBD products, it was clear that CBD has amazing healing potential. This was seen firsthand after witnessing the healing power of CBD in ourselves and family members. Dave’s daughter was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. After trying the normal regime of pharmaceutical anti-seizure medications, which lead to unwanted side effects, Dave and his wife Heather were determined to find something for their daughter that would treat and prevent her seizures without causing adverse side effects. Research has shown CBD to be a good natural treatment option for seizures. And so they began giving her CBD, and had great results. She is doing well and has now been seizure free on CBD alone! Another success story that we witnessed firsthand is from Jolene, Charles wife. She has Ulcerative Colitis. For many years she was taking prescribed medication to control the disease. She would have harsh flare-ups that would need to be treated with steroids. The vicious cycle of re-mission and flare-ups continued, despite changing her diet and trying other natural options in conjunction with medication. Jolene took a leaf of faith, stopped taking her colitis medication and started taking CBD Capsules. What happened next was life changing! Jolene was not only able to stay off her pharmaceutical medication, but went an entire year without any flare-ups! She is doing well, and continues to be in re-mission. Jolene is an RN, and worked at Munson Medical Center for over 5 years. Now she is working with her husband and team at Herbnmeds, as a dedicated Cannabis Nurse, educating and consulting others on the healing power of CBD and Cannabis. 

We believe in using only Full Spectrum CBD Oil for our products, as this type of oil contains the best parts of the plant and in ratios and amounts that nature intended. We only use CBD oil we have extracted ourselves from the hemp we have grown. From seed to finished product, our small team does the whole process! Therefore, we know exactly what goes into our products, and how each step is done. We make small batches, and everything is handcrafted. This is just one of the reasons why our CBD products are of the highest quality. We have seen amazing results from individuals taking our CBD products, and we plan to continue this journey of helping others to heal and improve health naturally.

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