Our Mission

To Help People Understand the Healing Powers of CBD and to Provide a High Quality Trusted Product


We are a small team based out of Traverse City, Michigan that believe in creating high quality wellness products, and we love what we do! We live by the belief that nature can provide us with what we need to heal and thrive, and that concept is the foundation behind the products we make. Charles Orns and Dave Martin, long time friends, are the founders and owners of Herbnmeds. They started Herbnmeds with the common goal to help people heal with natural medicine from the earth. Charles and Dave have over 20 years combined experience growing organic cannabis and hemp. Together they have created a diverse array of CBD products, that have helped many.  


Our CBD products are made with organic hemp that we grow ourselves right in Michigan. We practice organic, sustainable methods of farming. We only use organic soil. We never use toxic pesticides, or bottled  fertilizer. Our plants go through a three part antimicrobial wash; this ensures that we have the cleanest product we can get before we extract oil from it. We do all of our own extracting, using a food grade ethanol extraction method, that produces a full spectrum oil. This extraction method perseveres the many healing compounds found in hemp, and keeps them in the right ratios that they would be found in naturally. Every batch of CBD oil we extract is third party tested for accuracy of dosage, and to ensure our oil is free of any contaminants. From seed to finished product, we do the whole process! We make small batches, and everything is handcrafted. This is just one of the reasons that makes our CBD products of the highest quality.


We pride ourselves in the ability to deliver a trusted product that our customers can buy with confidence!

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